Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rain, Rain

It's been raining all week here, but today was ridiculous! It rained so much in like random little spurts.
Like, it was quite possibly the hardest rain I have ever seen. But it was wonderful! I love rain so much, one of my favorite things is playing in the rain. I know that sounds cheesy and everything, but it's true. Today I haven't felt so well, so instead of playing in it, I took a really long nap on my comfortable bed, while listening to the rain. My room is upstairs in the far corner of the house with no windows. It's kinda creepy, but kinda nice at the same time. Haha. You can hear the rain so clearly up there, pelting the roof. It really is a beautiful sound. It's one of the reasons why I like that room. Anyways, today has been a nice day, aside from feeling under the weather. And now, I'm going to go play some Rock Band!




  1. We could really use some rain. Most if not all of our state is on fire alert because we have been in a drought for what seems like forever.

    Hope you feel better!!

  2. I too love the rain. It is intensely soothing to me and to all the critters. I get by far more done on a rainy day than any other. T

  3. Theresa, That's terrible! I hope it rains there soon! Rain is just so refreshing, especially after a long drought. Thank you! I am feeling so much better. My allergies have been just really acting up lately. Ugh! Hate em.

    Tammy, I just think rain is so beautiful! It is really soothing.

    Thanks for the wonderful comments, Ladies!