Friday, June 10, 2011

It's a Start

     I suppose that the proper way of beginning a blog is to tell you a little about my dear sister, we'll call her Dreamer, and the reason we have decided to start "I Wish I Were an Octopus".
      Dreamer and I are the oldest two of five children, three girls and two boys, and though we have had our fair share of fights and disagreements, we are most happily best friends.  Neither of us have ever been bloggers, in any real sense of the word.  Perhaps back in the days of xanga, before facebook and twitter had come along and changed the way the world communicates, we could have been considered amateur bloggers, who posted nothing of real significance or anything that was even interesting.  But those days are behind us and we are starting anew here.  Writing has always been a dear love of mine, though I seldom take specific time out of the day to do it anymore, unless it's a paper for class, and reading blogs is a consistent hobby of Dreamer's, so I figured that together we might make this work.  So, without further adieu:
Meet Dreamer:

      Dreamer is an aspiring artist\psychologist\organic farmer, she hasn't quite decided yet.  She longs to be a vegan, but admits that she loves meat too much for that to be a viable lifestyle.  She has been painting for the better part of a year now and is ten times better at it than I would be after a lifetime.  If you don't believe me just check this out:
She painted this in two and a half hours...I'm still amazed by it.  Dreamer dearly loves to paint but has found it hard to find time amidst the fantastic frenzy of our lives to actually finish a painting while at home.  So, for now, all of her paintings are done at class.
     She is currently working as a nanny for a friend of ours who had surgery recently; Dreamer has always had a knack with kids that I fail to understand.
      Apart from painting and nannying, Dreamer is a singer\songwriter.  She and I have written quite a few songs between us and sometimes spend hours at a time seated at the piano taking turns playing and singing together.  She plays the ukulele, piano, violin (though not if she can help it), and is attempting to learn harmonica.  She has an antique organ in her room that was found at a local thrift store and is quite talented with it as well.  Eventually I hope to have a few of our songs on youtube, but at the moment that hasn't happened.
     Dreamer somehow manages to be both the loudest and quietest of us girls at times, though the position of loudest is sometimes debatable when my youngest sister, Warrior, is in the room.  Dreamer is her own person more and more each day.  She's a quaint, interesting, pretty girl in a small, boring town that doesn't deserve her at all.  Her time is spent dreaming of moving on and getting out to see the world but that doesn't keep her from enjoying herself now.  Whether she's fishing at the lake, or shopping, or cooking, or painting Dreamer always capable of bringing a smile to my face.  She's undeniably funny, though not always clever, and has a laughter that bursts out of her like a clear fountain.   We've grown up together, sometimes being much more distant than others, but we grow closer every day.
     For "I Wish I Were an Octopus", Dreamer will mostly be providing posts about the wonderful outfits that she discovers, as well as new foods, recipes, and paintings, along with other things.
     Here's to a fresh start!


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