About us!

We are artists and dreamers, friends and sisters, as similar as night and day and as different two petals of the same rose. We live in a boring, college town and dream of getting out to see the world. We love adventures and tea time. Our hobbies include anything from fishing to antiquing, or painting, or knitting. There are endless possibilities for us and we intend to try as many as we can. Our family is large but we're as close as they come. Our brothers, Ben and Sam, were adopted and we couldn't imagine life without them. It's not unusual for us to all sit down to dinner because we love each others' company and though we fight sometimes it never lasts. We thank God for His crazy love for us that He has blessed us with such wonderful, beautiful lives and hope that everything we do is a reflection of Him. Sabry and I (Kate) are amateur bloggers hoping to be discovered, we are overflowing with things to share about our lovely, lives where our only wish is to be an octopus so that we can make the very most of the time we have.
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