Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some days

Some days are beautiful for no particular reason.  There's a calm about them, I guess.  A peace.  A stillness.  The world seems hushed and drowsy. 
It's a lovely day for a nap.


Friday, July 29, 2011

New Clothing!

There will be new shirts in the shop next week!  Here's a sneak preview!

If you see anything you like, let me know, I can reserve items.

Be Prepared - Reconstructed Tee - $15

 Heat It Up - Reconstructed Tee - $8.50


Chattin' With Jesus - Reconstructed Jersey Shirt - $5

 While Away the Hours - Reconstructed Tee - $10

There will be rings and bracelets within the next couple of weeks, as well!  So check back soon!


Monday, July 25, 2011


Sorry that things have been so silent again. I was really busy working last week and then over the weekend we went to Kansas City, MO. It was awesome! We visited our cousins that live there, that we haven't seen in a few months. It was so nice to just hang around and be with them again. We miss them a lot. While in K.C. we went and got manicures/pedicures ( Which was amazing! It was the first manicure i've ever had!),
went to an amazing store called Charming Charlie, and ate at Noodles and Company, and an awesome place called Yogurtini, best frozen yogurt i've ever had! And of course we did other things. It was wonderful! I took a few pictures that I'll upload when I find my camera. Yay! Anyways, hope you all had a lovely week/weekend!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Rings!

I'm in the process of putting up my rings on etsy!  Come and check them out, please!

Paddywack's rings.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Octopus Frenzy

 So I found a couple of things today that reminded me how amazing octopuses are and why I'm kinda jealous of them...just a little bit. :)

Anyways, check out one of God's amazing creatures here:
And also here:
This one is super long, don't feel obligated to watch it all, but I feel like it provides a clear example of why these creatures are a good part of my inspiration for jewelry.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hide Away...

     I have pretty much always said that I do not like the heat.  I'm a cold weather gal all the way.  True, I have been known to enjoy days lounging around the poolside in the relentless heat but give me the option and I will always choose cold.  There is not much that I love better than to don a sweater dress, stockings, and boots -- along with the must have gloves, scarf, and hat -- and go tromping through campus in the fluttering snow.  Or to be able to shamelessly drink a whole pot of hot tea with breakfast just to warm myself from the inside out.  Or to wake up in a cozy sleeping bag with the tip of my nose and the edges of my cheeks feeling frosty while outside the tent I can hear the world waking as I snuggle deeper into my sanctuary of dreams and warmth.
     It is during these dog-days of summer that the heat feels oppressive.  It weighs in on the very walls of our house and feels as if it's impeding on the windows and doors, waiting for a chance to race into the precious  bit of coolness we have.  Even the pool offers no promise of relief from the overwhelming heat.  My flowers and plants, though hearty and large, have grown wild, chaotic under the looming rays of sun.  I can scarcely stand to race out for a snatch of basil or cucumber, or to water, or shade them during even the most mild part of the day.  The process of simply stepping out of the house is almost unbearable.  The heat meets me like a wall when I step through the doorway and into its clutches.  It steals my breath and weighs on my lungs like a steamy cloth.
     Even when night falls and the sun hides its face everything remains scorched and wilted, awaiting its return.  And so, I stay hidden in the depths of my home, busily working away at my crafts and dreading the heat that seems to be watching me through every window.  Here I'll stay, dreaming and waiting for the cool kiss of fall and the crisp breath of the coming winter.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deep Ones...

We've been doing a lot of Cthulhu related games lately, so I took out some of the pent up inspiration on this treasury!

Check it out!  Beware the Creatures of the Deep


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Weekend

Well, the weekend was quiet delightful aside from the terrible heat.  We're all quiet exhausted from the fuss of festivities and happily looking forward to some less active celebrating tomorrow.

Enjoy your 4th everyone!

kaJo and Dreamer