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Paddywacks is the name of my quaint little boutique on Etsy.  Unfortunately, with school and everything it is sometimes really hard for me to keep up with it, but I do the best that i can with the time I have.

I wasn't always a crafter, in fact, it's a fairly new thing for me.  About about three or four years ago I started knitting, not for the first time, the difference was that this time I never stopped.  It was like something had finally come to life in me and my imagination took off.  Since then I've tried out loads of different things, I'm constantly looking for new things to try and it's wonderful.

Paddywacks blossomed out of that awakening as a way to help me afford my hobbies and it took on a life of its own.  Through Paddywacks I discovered that I always want to make things and watch them go out to good homes.  There's just no feeling like watching our favorite necklace, or scarf, or hat walk off in the arms of the perfect person.  I've had so many creations that were made while trying to picture the perfect person for it and I'll never get over the thrill of watching that person pick it up and fall in love with it.

I'm currently working my way through college, so Paddywacks sometimes doesn't get all the TLC it needs, but I do it so that later I can devote my time to my love of creating.

Thank you for taking your time to read my story.  I'd love it if you would visit my shop and take a look around!


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