Monday, April 23, 2012

Paddywacks: New Shawl - Atlantean Net

Another shawl is finished!

This one is knit in a very loose stitch and is perfect for days at the beach.  The pattern reminds me of a delicate, perhaps mystical, fishing net (referenced in it's name).

Also, it doubles and a fabulous scarf for when winter rolls around again! :)


Thursday, April 19, 2012


There are mornings where the world is simply different.  It happens suddenly and usually under the mysterious shade of night.  There is a pause and a gentle shift, and then things are...different.
The best time to spot the changes is just as the sun rolls its sleepy head 'round and stretches long, slender arms over the earth.  Here, in the gentle stirring of morning, just before the world awakes, can one see this mysterious shift.
There is a glint on every blade of grass that the sun twirls in her thin fingers around.  The fields of grass glitter like priceless crystal carpets as each shining droplet reflects the light of its many neighbors.
Around the fields the trees have somehow gone dark and bright.  Their trunks have gone black, deep, and mysterious while the leaves have become vibrant and glistening. The woods is full of a trickling whisper, it is then that one should be very still and watch because the trees begin to dance.  With the wind as their music, they roll slowly round and round like strange waves of a high green sea.  Then each tree stretches its tangled wings of branches and shakes the last drops of rain from its feather-like leaves.
In the stillness that follows one can hear the rushing of the newly flooded streams that have surged from their beds onto mossy green banks to grasp at the soft green tufts with eager fingers.  The lush pillows of moss blush a vibrant green from the attention of their new admirers.
And all around mushrooms have burst from the silky soil to scatter the forest floor with such an array of colors that one could think they had come upon the the remains of a shattered rainbow.
For a moment, the world is shifted to a place of crystal carpets, dancing trees, blushing moss, and shattered rainbows...for a moment.  And then the world wakes, and begins to spin, and fades to normalcy.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paddywacks: Promise Shawls

As you may have seen, my latest addition to the shop: Wrap Yourself in Vibrance sold today!  Yay!  
I also have good news for those of you who may have had your eyes on it but just hadn't decided yet because I am hoping to make a bunch more.  Now, the colors and patterns will vary, as I didn't work from a pattern in the first place.  
So, the one I'm working on now is a bit lighter and much more lacy, I wanted to have a nice one for summer.  Hopefully it'll be done sometime in May, considering my homework load I really don't have much of a chance to work on it now. 

More to come!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Paddywacks: Wrap Yourself in Vibrance

I am not one to waste yarn, any of my family can tell you that.  I have a whole box under my bed devoted to the leftovers of past projects and little scraps of colorful strings that had to be trimmed off in order to get a clean final product.  Normally these scraps get recycled into my scarves around autumn and find themselves draped over the edges of our tent at fairs, blowing in the wind until someone takes them home.  But recently I noticed that there were a few balls laying around the box that I had consistently refused to use...perhaps because I enjoyed looking at them a little too much.  So, my mind immediately went to work and a week later this was finished:

The picture just doesn't quite do it justice.  But it turned out beautifully!  In fact, I was so happy with it, I made one to stick up in the shop.

 (Flower clip not included)

I've also been working on some knit bags over the weekend that I should get pictures of in a week or so.

Anyways, the shawl will be in the shop soon!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Treasury: Splash of Color

Hello everyone!

My newest treasury is finally up!  It's called "Splash of Color" and it features some absolutely stunning arrays of, well, color!

Check it out at: