Thursday, June 30, 2011


So, I know we've been quiet the past few days. Sorry about that. We've just been busy working, and preparing for the 4th of July celebration this weekend. There's gonna be a parade and a bunch of booths at the town square. kaJo will be selling most, if not all, of her items there. So, if there is anything you see that you really like, you might want to purchase it now cause it might be gone after this weekend. Just a heads up. Anyways, we're looking forward to this weekend! It's going to be really awesome. I'm going to be selling cookies. I would like to sell something else, but I can't think of anything. Anybody have any suggestions?


I'll be posting about my outfit later today.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Treasury!

I just got finished making my newest treasury!  Please check out these magical Etsy finds!

Woodland Masquerade


Rain, Rain

It's been raining all week here, but today was ridiculous! It rained so much in like random little spurts.
Like, it was quite possibly the hardest rain I have ever seen. But it was wonderful! I love rain so much, one of my favorite things is playing in the rain. I know that sounds cheesy and everything, but it's true. Today I haven't felt so well, so instead of playing in it, I took a really long nap on my comfortable bed, while listening to the rain. My room is upstairs in the far corner of the house with no windows. It's kinda creepy, but kinda nice at the same time. Haha. You can hear the rain so clearly up there, pelting the roof. It really is a beautiful sound. It's one of the reasons why I like that room. Anyways, today has been a nice day, aside from feeling under the weather. And now, I'm going to go play some Rock Band!



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full Heart

Do you know the feeling of a sweet embrace that causes your heart to swell to overflowing?
Have you felt the calm, peaceful, serenity of a wordless moment shared with one you love?
Have you spent an evening smiling, and joking, and laughing, and loving one another's company?
And what of a night under the stars, with the moon smiling softly down on giggling and quiet conversation? 
Do you know the joy of a meal shared with family and friends? 
Or a thrilling night of adventure, battling monsters and demons, through the silver-spun webs of a creative mind?

These are a few of my favorite things.


Not My Most Convenient Design

But still one of my favorites!  This is my lovely Eye of Medusa necklace.  These are the instructions for putting it on.

 Unhook the S Hook on the right side of the necklace.
 Like so.
Next is the toggle clasp.

 Place the body of the necklace on like you would any other necklace.
 Secure with toggle clasp.
 The decorative chain is next.
 Locate the jump ring on the upper right side of the necklace.
 Attache with the S Hook on the decorative chain.
And you're done.  Again, sorry about the complexity but I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted without it being inconvenient to put on.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Crappy Day...

So, today has been just plain awful. I didn't get much sleep last night cause it was so hot and I couldn't get comfortable. Then, I had to wake up early, and go to work, and work was just tiring. I'm so happy that I have the rest of the week off. Maybe tonight I'll get some more sleep and maybe tomorrow will be better. I'm hoping we'll go to the lake sometime soon, but I'm not sure yet. Do you ever just have a day where you just want to scream, cry, then take a nap and never wake up? Well, today is one of those days.
Sorry for complaining and everything. I'm sure that is not what you wanted to read about. It's just nice to be able to vent to people who won't get offended or mad at me. Well, I'll be signing off now.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In My Garden...

      Well, as summer begins my garden is becoming quite big, green, wild, and beautiful.  Everything is thriving and blooming wonderfully from the poppies,
to the sunflowers,
the cadula,
and the zinnias,
and, of course, the forget-me-nots.
     Unfortunately it has been so incredibly hot the past couple of weeks that I haven't been able to spend nearly enough time out there attending to my plants.  Aside from rushing out to right toppled plants blown over by the crazy winds, or grabbing a quick harvest of whatever herb is taking over the garden, being out under the sun is quite unbearable. 
     The harvests are proving quite productive.  So far I've gotten large harvests of oregano, basil, dill, stevia, swiss chard, and onions.  In fact, yesterday I spent the majority of the afternoon harvesting and preparing my onions to be frozen for this fall.


     I now have four bags of chopped onions for winter soups and one bag of small onions for stew!  :)

      I also got a nice harvest of Swiss Chard for last night's dinner.  

Chard is a little bit...soapy when eaten fresh but can be heavenly!  Here's my super simple recipe:

Chard (however much you have)
Olive oil (eye-ball it)
Garlic salt (about 4-5 dashes)

     Tear the leaves into strips and throw it in a pan with enough olive oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pan.  Cook on medium until leaves are a rich green and then add garlic salt and you're done!  See, wasn't that easy?   These greens taste amazing with grilled tuna patties (I'll get that recipe up soon because it's also amazing) or just by themselves.
     Oh, and if any of the leaves turn olive green remove them because they taste terrible and they're slimy. 
Enjoy your greens and happy gardening!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I Wore

I absolutely love this outfit! The colors are just so pretty and summery.

The skirt is from, but it's also sold at Modcloth, I just got the shoes today from a store called The Orient Express, and then the belt is from Rue 21, the tank top is from Maurices, and the cardigan is from TJMaxx.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Go Fishing

     Ever since the very beginnings of spring this year I have been just dying to go fishing, after discovering last year, in late September, that I actually love to fish.  I had no previous experience, save when I was five or six and went with my grampa who only stays put for about ten minutes, even if the fish are biting and is irritable the whole time regardless.  But, alas, September is right at the tail end of fishing season and I only got three good days in before we had to pack everything up for the winter.
     So, now that summer has rolled around again and I can finally get back to the lake, it was just a matter of waiting for a day when the hundred degree weather would decide to take a break and I could actually step outside without melting.  Yesterday turned out to be that day.  It was quite perfect for fishing and Dreamer, Mom, TreeTrunks (our gramma), and I seized the opportunity to race out to the water and go fishing.
     We drove to our usual place but found it was quite crowded, still determined to fish, we carried all of our things down the long, rocky hill began to scout for a place to settle in for the day.

     We ended up hiking down the bank to a beautiful shady place away from all the noise of the other families there to enjoy the day and threw our lines in.  Apart from the fact that the fish seemed entirely uninterested in taking our bait, the afternoon was lovely.
     The strip of bank that we had chosen had a steep incline directly behind us and only about eighteen inches of shoreline for us to throw our towels down on and sit with our feet in the water.  This, however, is not reflected in the picture on the right because Starbear sat about ten to fifteen feet down from the rest of us where there was no shade but more bank to sit on.
      There was a beautiful breeze coming off the water that was just enough to keep the brunt of the heat from making you miserable.
     The Pup, of course, had to tag along, he never misses an opportunity to spend a day swimming in the lake.  He spent most of the day in the water and was utterly exhausted when we got in the car to head home.  Even today he seems to be prone to nothing more than following me into whatever room I happen to wander into and dozing off as soon as possible.  Right now he's sleeping comfortably on the couch behind me seeming quite content to spend the rest of his day there.
     He was a trooper yesterday, acting as quite the rescue dog for dozens of sticks.  I'm so proud of him. :)

Meanwhile everyone else enjoyed listening to the sound of the waves washing on the rocks and the significant lack of catching anything bigger than this:

     We eventually moved to another place where fish were much more obliging and spent the evening watching our bobbers dance lightly on the water.  Most of the worms managed to be stolen right off of our hooks, sometimes without moving the bobber at all, but we still came home with about six keepers.  I got the prize this trip for best catch seeing as I managed to catch a good sized bass with a pole that was mostly broken.  Unfortunately no one got a picture, somehow.
     Anyways, the summer's just beginning and we're planning on spending many of these wonderful days out enjoying the lake.  To all you fishers, good luck and happy fishing!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011


So, I'm supposed to write something about kaJo.

I'm not much of a writer, so bear with me...
It was her idea to start a blog. I don't know why she decided to include me in this, but she did and I am grateful. She has so many talents it's hard to remember them all. Knitting is one of them. She loves it and has started selling a lot of items, including; scarves, leg warmers, arm warmers, hats, fish hats, gaters, and socks! She also made me an owl hat for Christmas! Gotta love her! She became interested in jewelry making early last year and instantly was a pro at it. You can always find her with knitting needles or an almost finished necklace in her hands. She loves reading and writing and singing and playing the piano. She also knows how to play the guitar, although not very often. She has written quite a few songs, all of them amazingly artistic and beautiful. Each one different and unique.
kaJo also has a beautiful organic garden that is in full bloom. It's all so wonderfully organized, the tallest things in the back (Sunflowers) and the shortest things in the front ( Herbs). I love it when we're making dinner and she'll go and get some fresh Rosemary, or Dill, or Basil from the garden. Other things in the garden include; onions, green peppers, tea, multiple kinds of flowers, more tea, and lots of different kinds of herbs. She'll get up bright and early before it gets too hot just to go weed it. It's truly beautiful.
kaJo and I don't always get along and we didn't do everything together as children. But we've grown closer the older we've gotten. She's one of my best friends and an amazing advisor. I love her to death and love everything we do together. Her dream is to one day own her very own shop. Filled with wonderful vintage, homemade, organic, baked, painted, built, written, sewn, fixed items.
Honestly, kaJo's dreams are so big and awesome and unknown. So, that's kaJo. Beautiful, Unique, Talented, Loving, and Creative.


It's a Start

     I suppose that the proper way of beginning a blog is to tell you a little about my dear sister, we'll call her Dreamer, and the reason we have decided to start "I Wish I Were an Octopus".
      Dreamer and I are the oldest two of five children, three girls and two boys, and though we have had our fair share of fights and disagreements, we are most happily best friends.  Neither of us have ever been bloggers, in any real sense of the word.  Perhaps back in the days of xanga, before facebook and twitter had come along and changed the way the world communicates, we could have been considered amateur bloggers, who posted nothing of real significance or anything that was even interesting.  But those days are behind us and we are starting anew here.  Writing has always been a dear love of mine, though I seldom take specific time out of the day to do it anymore, unless it's a paper for class, and reading blogs is a consistent hobby of Dreamer's, so I figured that together we might make this work.  So, without further adieu:
Meet Dreamer:

      Dreamer is an aspiring artist\psychologist\organic farmer, she hasn't quite decided yet.  She longs to be a vegan, but admits that she loves meat too much for that to be a viable lifestyle.  She has been painting for the better part of a year now and is ten times better at it than I would be after a lifetime.  If you don't believe me just check this out:
She painted this in two and a half hours...I'm still amazed by it.  Dreamer dearly loves to paint but has found it hard to find time amidst the fantastic frenzy of our lives to actually finish a painting while at home.  So, for now, all of her paintings are done at class.
     She is currently working as a nanny for a friend of ours who had surgery recently; Dreamer has always had a knack with kids that I fail to understand.
      Apart from painting and nannying, Dreamer is a singer\songwriter.  She and I have written quite a few songs between us and sometimes spend hours at a time seated at the piano taking turns playing and singing together.  She plays the ukulele, piano, violin (though not if she can help it), and is attempting to learn harmonica.  She has an antique organ in her room that was found at a local thrift store and is quite talented with it as well.  Eventually I hope to have a few of our songs on youtube, but at the moment that hasn't happened.
     Dreamer somehow manages to be both the loudest and quietest of us girls at times, though the position of loudest is sometimes debatable when my youngest sister, Warrior, is in the room.  Dreamer is her own person more and more each day.  She's a quaint, interesting, pretty girl in a small, boring town that doesn't deserve her at all.  Her time is spent dreaming of moving on and getting out to see the world but that doesn't keep her from enjoying herself now.  Whether she's fishing at the lake, or shopping, or cooking, or painting Dreamer always capable of bringing a smile to my face.  She's undeniably funny, though not always clever, and has a laughter that bursts out of her like a clear fountain.   We've grown up together, sometimes being much more distant than others, but we grow closer every day.
     For "I Wish I Were an Octopus", Dreamer will mostly be providing posts about the wonderful outfits that she discovers, as well as new foods, recipes, and paintings, along with other things.
     Here's to a fresh start!