Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Go Fishing

     Ever since the very beginnings of spring this year I have been just dying to go fishing, after discovering last year, in late September, that I actually love to fish.  I had no previous experience, save when I was five or six and went with my grampa who only stays put for about ten minutes, even if the fish are biting and is irritable the whole time regardless.  But, alas, September is right at the tail end of fishing season and I only got three good days in before we had to pack everything up for the winter.
     So, now that summer has rolled around again and I can finally get back to the lake, it was just a matter of waiting for a day when the hundred degree weather would decide to take a break and I could actually step outside without melting.  Yesterday turned out to be that day.  It was quite perfect for fishing and Dreamer, Mom, TreeTrunks (our gramma), and I seized the opportunity to race out to the water and go fishing.
     We drove to our usual place but found it was quite crowded, still determined to fish, we carried all of our things down the long, rocky hill began to scout for a place to settle in for the day.

     We ended up hiking down the bank to a beautiful shady place away from all the noise of the other families there to enjoy the day and threw our lines in.  Apart from the fact that the fish seemed entirely uninterested in taking our bait, the afternoon was lovely.
     The strip of bank that we had chosen had a steep incline directly behind us and only about eighteen inches of shoreline for us to throw our towels down on and sit with our feet in the water.  This, however, is not reflected in the picture on the right because Starbear sat about ten to fifteen feet down from the rest of us where there was no shade but more bank to sit on.
      There was a beautiful breeze coming off the water that was just enough to keep the brunt of the heat from making you miserable.
     The Pup, of course, had to tag along, he never misses an opportunity to spend a day swimming in the lake.  He spent most of the day in the water and was utterly exhausted when we got in the car to head home.  Even today he seems to be prone to nothing more than following me into whatever room I happen to wander into and dozing off as soon as possible.  Right now he's sleeping comfortably on the couch behind me seeming quite content to spend the rest of his day there.
     He was a trooper yesterday, acting as quite the rescue dog for dozens of sticks.  I'm so proud of him. :)

Meanwhile everyone else enjoyed listening to the sound of the waves washing on the rocks and the significant lack of catching anything bigger than this:

     We eventually moved to another place where fish were much more obliging and spent the evening watching our bobbers dance lightly on the water.  Most of the worms managed to be stolen right off of our hooks, sometimes without moving the bobber at all, but we still came home with about six keepers.  I got the prize this trip for best catch seeing as I managed to catch a good sized bass with a pole that was mostly broken.  Unfortunately no one got a picture, somehow.
     Anyways, the summer's just beginning and we're planning on spending many of these wonderful days out enjoying the lake.  To all you fishers, good luck and happy fishing!


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