Friday, June 10, 2011


So, I'm supposed to write something about kaJo.

I'm not much of a writer, so bear with me...
It was her idea to start a blog. I don't know why she decided to include me in this, but she did and I am grateful. She has so many talents it's hard to remember them all. Knitting is one of them. She loves it and has started selling a lot of items, including; scarves, leg warmers, arm warmers, hats, fish hats, gaters, and socks! She also made me an owl hat for Christmas! Gotta love her! She became interested in jewelry making early last year and instantly was a pro at it. You can always find her with knitting needles or an almost finished necklace in her hands. She loves reading and writing and singing and playing the piano. She also knows how to play the guitar, although not very often. She has written quite a few songs, all of them amazingly artistic and beautiful. Each one different and unique.
kaJo also has a beautiful organic garden that is in full bloom. It's all so wonderfully organized, the tallest things in the back (Sunflowers) and the shortest things in the front ( Herbs). I love it when we're making dinner and she'll go and get some fresh Rosemary, or Dill, or Basil from the garden. Other things in the garden include; onions, green peppers, tea, multiple kinds of flowers, more tea, and lots of different kinds of herbs. She'll get up bright and early before it gets too hot just to go weed it. It's truly beautiful.
kaJo and I don't always get along and we didn't do everything together as children. But we've grown closer the older we've gotten. She's one of my best friends and an amazing advisor. I love her to death and love everything we do together. Her dream is to one day own her very own shop. Filled with wonderful vintage, homemade, organic, baked, painted, built, written, sewn, fixed items.
Honestly, kaJo's dreams are so big and awesome and unknown. So, that's kaJo. Beautiful, Unique, Talented, Loving, and Creative.


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