Monday, November 21, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving week!!!!

I love Thanksgiving, probably not half as much as Kate, but I still love it!
All the family together, the delicious meals, the games and movies, and just the wonderful time we have together!  We have a really close family, like we're all best friends. We do everything together and love being around each other. Which is why Thanksgiving is so special!

So, this Thanksgiving what I am thankful for is: My wonderful awesome family, my really amazingly funny friends, my cats, my sweet tea (I'm obsessed with it) (I'm not kidding), my car, my art classes, my voice lessons, but really, I'm just grateful that I have the chance to live, and the option to do whatever I want with my life. I mean, there are so many things out there to do! And I haven't even gotten started yet!
I haven't decided where I want to go to college, or where I want to live, or what I want to be. But, it's so nice to know that i have so many options! And I have amazing parents that will support me and help me make the right choices in life. I'm so thankful for everything I have. And I pray that someday I'll be able to do what God wants me to do.

Sorry.  I didn't mean to go on so long and stuff...

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Happy Holidays!


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