Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Treasury!

Thanksgiving Glee
Hello, everyone!  
It's time, again, for a new treasury! 
This one is in honor of one of my favorite upcoming holidays.  I found some amazing goodies from some amazing shops and I can't wait to share!  Okay, here we go!
Caramels are an absolute essential for the holidays!   If you're looking for stocking stuffers make sure your check out The Caramel Jar!
Above those delicious caramels is a beautiful photo from Racey Tay.  Wow.  This girl has got an eye.  Her photos are absolutely stunning.  Plus she has some lovely 2012 calendars for sale!
I'm in love with this skirt from Tutus Chic!  Actually, I'm in love with most of her shop.  She has everything from hair accessories to tutus for young and old.  If you're looking for anything to light up your girl's Christmas morning, check her shop.
And if you're in the market for spices...
Swing by this amazing spice shop!  I've been drooling over the Large Herbal Tea Kit for a while now...I'm hoping I get it in my stocking this year.  :)  Anyways, if you need something to "spice" up your holidays (sorry, I couldn't resist) make sure that you visit Cook Outside the Box!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these fantastic features!  Go here to check out the rest of the collection!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Oh those caramels look stunning!

    Love this, thank you,Kate!