Saturday, March 21, 2015

A (very short) Lesson in Humility

I am very competitive.

I usually try to mask this fact by being a generous loser and not gloating when I do win.  Truthfully though, I hate to lose and I love to win.  Well, I've learned that God has a sense of humor about that kind of thing and so, of course, my husband is naturally an expert at any game he plays.

I am truly amazed at how brilliant of a strategist My Mr. is, somehow his mind is always able to think two, five, or even twenty steps ahead of me and pretty much everyone he plays with.  In fact, most of his family refuses to play games of strategy with him because they're so tired of losing.  Well, then I come along with my passive aggressive competitive drive thinking, "I pretty much win all the time against my family!  Yay!  A challenge!"


And then a lesson on humility for probably the rest of my gaming career... or for the rest of my life, whichever comes first.  

For the (almost) two years My Mr. and I have been gaming together he's beaten me most of the time.  It depends somewhat on what game we're playing, but for the most part he wins, and I'm learning to be okay with that.  In fact, I still enjoy playing whatever it is we play just because I'm hanging out with him.  I'm learning to lose and to be ok with it; here I am thinking about how much I've grown and how nice it is to not care so much about winning.

Then we started playing Dominion.

I'm basically in love with this game.
We got it on Wednesday and we've already played it so much the cards look worn.  We play while having breakfast, we play while watching a movie, we play if he has an hour free before work... seriously, this is what we do with games!

Anyways, I cannot win.  I've won twice in all the times we've played and both times were just barely a win (I think 7 pts ahead is my record right now).  When he wins he doesn't just win, he stomps me; it's not even a close game.  And it was ok.  You know, I've learned how to lose.  It makes me try harder next time and such, whatever. 

Today, he mercilessly, horribly, brutally creamed me. 

Needless to say there were some words after the game was finally over, then there were some apologies from both sides, and then we agreed to play again when he gets home.

And he agreed not to use that card combination on me again, thank goodness!

Such is the life of a gaming couple.  You play, you bicker, you make up, and you play again.


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