Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bump in the Night

I'm a fan of horror stories.  Not exactly an avid fan, but I do enjoy the occasional spook or scare from time to time, even if the good ones are getting harder and harder to find.  One of my favorite shows of all time is The X-Files and I've seen classics like The Ring, The Grudge -- both the English and Japanese versions of each -- and numerous other horror films.  I'm a fan of H. P. Lovecraft's work and I'm especially fond of playing scary video games with my dad. 

All of that to say, I don't think I scary terribly easily.  Sure, there have been a few times in my childhood and even into early adulthood that I've slept with the light on (just in case) but in general I'm hard to scare.  Just ask my brother, Nails, over the years he's tried to scare me, mostly by jumping out at me at random times.  He's only succeeded twice over the course of almost ten years.  One of those times he deeply regrets because it came during finals week when tensions high and he got an earful for it.

Now, all of that to say there is one film I've seen that still haunts me enough that my husband basically won't let anyone even talk about it around me anymore.  It's just called Lights Out.  I won't even post a link to it here because I want to spare you all the terror and myself the nightmares from just seeing the screen-shot of it.  Here's my advice should you decide against my warning to look it up:

1. Watch it during the day.
2. Watch it with someone.
3. Don't actually watch it cause it's awful.

It's a two minute video.  Two minutes!  Maybe two and a half and I could not sleep with the lights off for about two months after seeing it and I'm not even embarrassed by that cause I'm still scared of it.

Okay, that's about enough background, because really this post it just to say that this is the conversation My Mr. and I just had:

Me: I don't like things that shouldn't be. Because if they are then I have no idea how to fight it or protect myself.  Like the thing in Lights Out.

My Mr.: Yeah...I watched another film by those people...

Me:  No! Why?!  I can't ever see that.

My Mr.: Yeah.  It was worse.

Me (this was the part where I started to actually almost tear up... no joke): What?  How?

My Mr.: I won't describe it at all, but it's actually bothered me for the past few nights.  Like, it didn't exactly scare me because I know it's not real, but when I lay down I find myself thinking about it.

And that's how I became afraid of a video clip floating around on the internet that I've never seen and I don't know anything about other than the title.  I'm not going to share it here because I want to spare anyone who might go looking for it because it apparently spooked my husband who I'm pretty sure isn't afraid of anything. 

Yeah.  Okay.

Sweet dreams!


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