Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Me Some Pumpkin!

 Here's a look at my newest treasury!   
There are some absolutely fabulous fall finds out 
there this year and I could help but feature some of them.  
These are only a few of the great things I've found.  
Above ^ is a Fantastic Fox hat from Awberry.  I just adore her hats!

These lovely little pumpkins are here courtesy of Bear Creek Designs.  Check out her shop for more amazing felted treasures!
For some fantastic scents check out Little Goat's Soaps.  
And lastly, but certainly not least:
Check out these lovely gloves and more at Ewenique Essentials.  

Don't miss the rest of this wonderful Pumpkin collection!



  1. Wow, thanks for featuring my fingerless gloves on your blog! I will follow and post on my facebook page:

  2. That is a cute knit cap!!
    And I will check your full collection out:)

    Please check my first giveaway, if you'd like(^.^)