Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Day

     It never ceases to amaze me how in just the few hours of a day one can be tossed and jostled in a vast sea of rolling emotions.
     Suppose you wake up angry.  No reason, just initially frustrated with the day for having roused you at all.  You're irritable at your alarm for rolling you out of bed and nudging you to the bathroom to try and pull some rhyme and reason into your mess of hair and sleepy face.  Perhaps the bitterness wears off as you sip your tea and gather your keys, or as you stroll across campus, or as you sit quietly in class taking notes.  Anyway, somewhere along the line, amid the many trips up and down staircases, you discover you're no longer angry, just embarrassed.
     You're a child playing a game you don't quite understand.  Quietly you toy with the pieces, harmlessly wondering what significance they play in the scheme of things.   And when you're corrected in your attempts, it doesn't matter how kind words, you feel sheepish.  Shyly you put the pieces back and tuck your little hands under your legs to keep them from wandering.
     Maybe on the way home from classes it's the tune of your favorite song that brightens you, or the smell of cupcakes in the kitchen, or the furry smile of your best friend who's oh-so-glad you're home.  You shrug off a morning of sulking, still feeling the tingle of anger and the sting of foolishness, and make a real effort to give today a chance.  During the chaos of homework, family, chores, facebook, and general life, you manage to find laughter hiding away in little nooks and crannies and the evening is pleasant, happy even.
     And as you tuck everything away for the night, crawl under the covers, and sigh because you've survived another day, you feel peace.  Maybe it's not the most overwhelming or prominent of the emotions still fluttering around in you somewhere, but it's there.  Calm, quiet, peace.  Today has only lasted as long as it has lasted and tomorrow is new and bright and beautiful.

"Great is His faithfulness; His mercies are new every morning."


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