Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vacation Day 3: Athens by Night

Well, that was certainly something...

We went to this cramped little resturant in the middle of the Placca with a group of about twenty-five people. There was this disgusting national drink, call ouzo, I'm not sure of the spelling on that. It tasted like licorice and I could only drink about four sips before I had to pour it out. Unfortunately after I did that my water tasted like it anyways so all I had was wine. We started dinner with giant beans (seriously, that's their name), which tasted like beans, bread with something on it that tasted like cabbage smotherered in the sauce from gyros, a bean paste stuff, and something else that I can't quite remember.

The second course was Greek sausages, calimari, sausage wrapped in olive leaves, this cheesy meaty stuff, and a crispy bread triangle. They were all very odd but not inedible, unless you ask Savannah, who skipped that course completely because she didn't like any of it. Meanwhile, there was music, singing -- which was lovely --, and dancing -- which was just as good, especially since one of the dancers was one of those stunning Greek men I told you about. Heeelllllo! Most of the dances involved starting really slow-like, doing lots of kicks and running in circles, and then near the end speeding up to as fast as possible and repeating everything that was done slowly. It was kind of predictable but very fun to watch. Anyways, Savannah thoroughly enjoyed herself and joined in almost every chance she got. I, on the other hand, sat happily in my seat, praying to not be called upon, and gave a hearty "Opah" whenever it was required.

The third course was amazing. It was beef stew that came in a hot bowl with feta cheese crumbled over it. Oh! it was some of the best stuff I have ever eaten. Sadly, when I was about two-thirds done, I stopped to watch the charming dancer and the waiter snuck up and took the rest of it away. :( That mishap was followed by another...the dancer was calling girls up on stage to dance and I somehow ended up there. It was a nightmare. I think my wrist broke a couple of times, I was jammed against a bunch of people that I didn't know, there was bouncing, and I was hot. When I got to my seat I felt truly glad to see it again and sat gratefully for the fourth course, which was fruit.

This course was rather boring, just honeydew melon and watermelon, but it was a nice way to refresh your mouth after all the other unfamiliar flavors. After that I somehow ended up on stage again...being led by the hand in a long curving line around the room, knocked around from front to back when people would either run into me or stop in front of me. I was hot and very uncomfortable and, again, extremely happy when it was over.

Dessert was teeny tiny donuts covered in powdered sugar and honey. They were delicious, I think I had five. After that they danced the dance "where the men, they break the plates." It was fun, but it seems like a terrible idea to me because they dance around on the shards of glass concerned me a bit.

As we walked back to the bus there was a girl selling flowers, dad bought two roses for mom, which was really sweet. We piled out in front of our hotel, bidding Vassiliki goodbye until tomorrow and hustled up to the rooms to shower and go to bed.

That's all for now!


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